Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I resolve...

As 2008 comes to a close, I find myself taking stock of the past year. It's had many ups and downs for me, including but not limited to: a painful break-up, beginning a great new job, feeling the effects of the economy's downturn, discovering my inner athlete, and reconnecting with many old friends and even some family members. It was neither a good year nor a bad one, but one filled with much learning and growth. I've never been one to make resolutions just because it's a new calendar year, but this year, perhaps spurred by my previous entry about regrets, I am making just one: to take things in stride.

Funnily enough, the thing that makes taking life in stride the easiest is often writing about it, so as a sidebar to taking things in stride, I'm going to add that I resolve to write more.

Come to think of it, when I go running, I almost always feel better about just about everything, so please tack on to the the aforementioned resolutions that I resolve to continue running and perhaps increase my mileage.

Before I head off to Berkeley to ring in the New Year, I want to thank you, my dear readers, for checking my blog on a regular, semi-regular, or even occasional basis. Knowing that I have an audience, small as it may be, makes writing this blog all the more enjoyable.

Happy, happy New Year.


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I totally agree that this year was crappy, but a really great learning experience. Many rivers to cross, indeed.