Tuesday, October 13, 2009


On Saturday Dana and I made a pitcher of some sort of lime-sake concoction (he called it "Indian Sangria") and got into a very intense game of 1-on-1 Kings (not to be confused with Kings Cup). I first played this game in my friend Dan's dorm room, sophomore year of college, and though the rules have evolved over the years, it's essentially the same game.

I want to document the rules now so that someday, when I'm old and gray and can't remember how to play my favorite drinking game, I'll have a point of reference.

To start, shuffle a deck of cards, with the jokers removed. Spread in a circle and gather friends with drinks around the cards. Take turns drawing cards and perform the corresponding actions as follows:

2's: 2 to you (Player of your choice drinks)

: 3 t0 me (Puller drinks)

: 4 to the floor (Everyone slaps 4 fingers on the table/ground. Last one to get their 4 fingers down drinks.)

5 to the sky (Everyone puts 5 fingers in the air--last one to do so drinks.)

Chicks (Women drink.)

Dudes (Men drink.)

Finger on the nose (Everyone puts their finger on the tip of their noses. Last one to do so drinks.)

Bust a rhyme (In the following format: It's like the _______ without the _______, it's like the _______ without the ________. Example: "It's like the blog without the writer, it's like the flame without the lighter." It should be noted that I am extremely good at this one.)

Categories (Puller chooses a category (ie: dogs) and the players go around in a circle, naming items in said category. Player who can't think of anything drinks. My favorite one is "bad ways to break up with someone.")

Never have I ever (Puller says something he or she has never done. If you have done it, you drink.)

Questions (Players speak in questions. The player who messes up drinks.)

Truth or Dare (Puller gets to choose a player and asks them "truth or dare?" Puller then dares the player or asks a question. On my 21st birthday I made my brother and parents play Kings with me and my mother dared my brother to call up his best friend and ask him to dress as twins the next day at school.)

Make up a rule (ie: no saying the word "like" for the remainder of the game, etc.)

This is my idea of a good time.


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