Monday, December 7, 2009


I keep having this dream. The details vary slightly but the storyline and imagery are always the same.

I am lying naked in a dark room on a hospital bed. My childhood pediatrician stands over me in scrubs with a nurse at his side. He tells me I need open-heart surgery. I am given no anesthesia. I'm terrified but I trust him.

He gently draws a tiny scalpel from my clavicle to my sternum, splitting my chest in two. The pain is excruciating. I take a giant breath in and begin to cry.

Then, as I exhale, in one giant rush, at least 2 dozen beautiful white doves come flapping out of my chest cavity and into the room. I lay in shock, watching these magnificent birds exiting my body, flying around the room and out of the open windows. I reach for a blanket to cover up my exposed organs and find that my chest has been sewn up, with only a long, thin scar running down my torso. The doctor and nurse are gone.

As I lay alone in the cold room and watch the doves fly away, I feel the most wonderful sense of relief.

When I wake up in real life, I always feel lighter and freer than when I went to bed.


Rodney Reames said...

I am deeply moved by the story of your dream. In my opinion, dreams tend to mean something. Maybe there is something in the "real" world that you need to get out and you will feel better after. I could be wrong, but that is just my opinion.

Linda Huynh said...

That's an amazing dream. You make me want to crawl into bed early now and sleep =]

Electra Maven said...

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ps: my dreams always means something....if u read my first post u see how scary are my dreams ;/ and it usually happens