Tuesday, July 13, 2010

first impressions

A few weeks ago I met a man in a bar. He was smart, funny, cute and, best of all, we had an incredible rapport. We talked and laughed for close to two hours. It seemed inevitable that we would exchange information before the end of the night. We did, and the next day I received an enthusiastic text message about how much fun he had meeting me and an assurance that he would contact me soon.

So you can imagine my surprise when he did not.

Now, I have been meeting men and giving them my phone number for over a decade so I'm quite familiar with the scenario in which a guy asks for a woman's information and then, for a variety of reasons (work, an undisclosed girlfriend, no real interest to begin with) does not follow up, so I probably shouldn't have been so surprised by this situation's course of action...but I was. I figured there must have been some mistake. Was he injured and in the hospital? Did he lose his phone and hence, my number? Did he have to take a last-minute trip out of the country? These all seemed like likelier realities than the possibility that he just wasn't interested enough to call me.

After weeks of wondering and a few glasses of wine one night, I decided to look him up on Facebook. I found him quickly and, without thinking, added him. I was surprised when my friend request was accepted the next day.

After his approval I was able to see his wall and information and learned that he holds political beliefs that are, different (to say the least) from mine. Radically different. Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, different.

Suddenly, my disappointment in his failure to follow up paled in comparison to my annoyance that he was not who I thought he was--or rather, who I wanted him to be. And though I'm relieved to be letting the whole thing go, I can't help but wish I'd restrained myself from looking him up. At least then I'd be spared from knowing he gets his information from Fox News.


Jamie: said...

I think my mother has nightmares of me falling in love with a Republican, I tell her that it is most unlikely to ever to happen, I mean what WOULD we have in common. But you never know...

Kam Log. said...

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