Tuesday, July 31, 2012

things i know (this week, anyway) #17

- Some friendships must be fluid--shifting, molding, re-shifting--if they are to remain intact.

- The adjective "self-centered" gets a bad rap. There are times when it's necessary to focus on oneself, so as to be a better person in the lives of those around you. Self-centeredness need not equal self-absorption.

- When you miss someone, there is a decent amount of comfort to be found in little acts of care-taking...hence, the amount of time I spent at Pet Food Express yesterday.

- Sometimes the world feels uncomfortably small.

- Every woman deserves a really well-fitting bra.

- I truly believe that everyone should have a blog. Because even if you think you have nothing interesting to say, someone, somewhere will read it, relate to it, and feel a little less lonely as a result.

- It's amazing how many things are fixed by regular, adequate sleep.

- This presidential race has has completely warped the term "feminist." Now, apparently, if you think women should have any rights, you are a feminist. Congratulations.

- When in doubt, peanut sauce.


Blake Landau said...

Love it Gabi-> esp. comment about the blog. It's what keeps me writing, and makes me happy.

Christine said...

While I agree with many of those, I enthusiastically second the one on sleep. Such a valuable commodity.

team ecoSycle said...

definitely rings a a bell. awesome.

Daniel Biggs said...

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