Saturday, January 25, 2014

things i know (this week, anyway) #29

- When conflict arises, try to be conscious of both the micro and the macro. The socks you always leave on the bathroom floor might seem like nothing more than forgotten footwear to you; to someone else, they may be further evidence of your general lack of regard for the needs of others. 

-  Make time to do nothing. 

- Current favorite application of pizza doughSteambuns. Fill with crispy tofu, pulled pork, grilled chicken or fresh avocado. Add hot sauce, pickled veg and eat. 

- Obnoxious, elitist reputation though it may have, drinking freshly-juiced fruits and vegetables feels awesome. 

- "Can I pick your brain?" has got to be the worst phrase ever. Both in terms of imagery and the actual ask. 

- If you love to cook, find a partner who loves eating and is happy to wash dishes.

- Want to add uncommon flavor and texture to noodles, salads and stir-fries? Make caramelized garlic chips: Slice cloves of garlic lengthwise, and fry slowly in vegetable or coconut oil over medium heat, just until they turn light brown and crisp. Drain, salt and use as needed.

- If something is no longer working, stop doing it. The rest will follow.

- The fact that Lena Dunham's Vogue photo spread was Photoshopped has nothing to do with the size and shape of her body. Vogue Photoshops photos of people. So do Cosmo, Glamour and Vanity Fair. Your little cellulite-hunt did more harm than good, Jezebel

- The key to success: work your ass off and be a mensch to everyone.


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