Thursday, March 6, 2014

things i know (this week, anyway) #30

- Re-reading something you wrote long ago is a wonderful way to invoke deep tenderness for the young person you once were.

- It's totally OK to want (and ask) to be taken care of.

- Here's a quick and easy way to improve your life in no time: identify the assholes, and then immediately stop listening to what they tell you.

- You don't put a bra [or yoga pants] in a dryer!

- Like noodles? Try occasionally swapping them out for shirataki or kelp noodles instead. They're a healthful alternative, and if you cook them well, you'll hardly notice the difference.

- Fresh turmeric root is an incredible natural headache reliever. Puree it into a smoothie or grate it into hot water with ginger and lemon for a tisane. Its anti-inflammatory properties will make you feel better quickly.

- Put a little bit of coconut milk in your tomato soup. Seriously, just do it. You'll thank me.

- Writing is a job, and I don't work for free.

- My CSA box is changing my life. I highly recommend signing up for one today.

- Anytime the internet promises you "this one weird trick..." you should avoid clicking the link.

- Fairytale love is not real, but real, actual love is infinitely more satisfying.

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Amy Sherman said...

So you went with Eatwell! Good choice. Will try your turmeric tip.