Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last week I took a vacation. I suppose I could have gone to Hawaii or Bermuda or even Florida--somewhere tropical and sunny. But I didn't. Rather I opted to head to Boston--home of the Red Sox and my alma mater, Emerson College.. Though I was prompted to head east for my college reunion, which was the first weekend I was there, I stayed for the week that followed, catching up with old friends and reconnecting to my second-favorite city.

On my first night there, I sat with 2 of my best friends and former roommates, Ryan and Emily. The three of us had an incredibly special connection in college and hadn't all been in the same place at the same time in nearly four years. As we sat on Ryan's South End deck, sipping prosecco and retelling old jokes and stories, the combination of the sheer joy of being with my two old friends and the bubbly prosecco made me a tad bit weepy and I tipsily informed Emily and Ryan that I was "just so very happy to be with them."

"Oh my God. Are you crying?" Emily asked with disdain.

"Uh, yes. I guess I am. I just, I don't know. I just love you guys. I'm sorry," I blurted out, wiping my eyes.

"No, it's OK. You've always been a little more "jump for joy" than most people," she told me kindly. "Ha. You're JFJ."

And well, I guess I am kind of JFJ (ahem--not to be confused with Jew for Jesus). Perhaps even when it isn't logical or endearing.

Sometimes it takes hearing things from those who know you well to actually begin to see them in yourself.


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