Tuesday, June 9, 2009

can I just say...

Can I just say that there are few things in this life more magical
Than walking in solitude
In the South End of Boston
Over ancient, uneven cobblestone
On the way to buy pizza for dinner at 11 PM
(Which you would probably never do in San Francisco)
When the sky opens up
Covering you in your fancy going-out clothes
With warm Northeastern rain
And your Ipod, (which you're beginning to believe is psychic)
Starts to play the most perfect song
And suddenly--for just a moment--you forget about the pizza
And your lack of an umbrella
And the life you've built 3000 miles away--that chaotic but wonderful fish bowl
Because right now, in this moment
All that matters
Is the rain on your bare shoulders
And seeping its way between your flimsy, impractical shoes and your bare feet,
The song in your headphones
And those ancient cobblestones
Which, in their time
Were surely privy to many such moments


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