Friday, October 23, 2009

baby you can park my car

At lunchtime today when I went to move my car for the umpteenth time this week (as per usual to avoid a parking ticket) it occurred to me that parking in an urban city with a large population is not dissimilar to dating in an urban city with a large population. You drive around in circles looking for that perfect spot--one that is close to your destination, big enough to fit your car and in a safe enough area. This is usually not quick. Often, the spots that fit the bulk of your criteria are taken and so you expand your search, checking less-ideal but still-satisfactory streets. When that doesn't work, maybe you attempt to slum it in a faraway alley somewhere.

Sometimes, it's all about timing. You can drive around for what feels like hours, that sinking feeling of hopelessness growing by the minute, only to drive by your office and have someone pull out of a spot right in front.

I believe that parking karma is a very real thing, so I'm betting it exists in dating too.


Unknown said...

Amazing Analogy, I agree 10 fold!!!

Jamie: said...

I have fabulous parking karma, downright terrible dating karma. Would I switch? Hmmm, maybe?