Thursday, November 5, 2009

stand-up guy

Today I went with a friend to the pharmacy at Walgreens to pick up her medication. There was an issue with her prescription so we had to wait while it was resolved.

I sat down while she stood in line. An older man, probably about seventy-five years old, sat down next to me.

"I got my Cialis. You want to see it?"

"No thanks."

"I gotta crush it up and take it with something hot."


"Just because I'm slowing down doesn't mean I don't still get my sex thing on."

"Of course."

Miraculously, at this moment my friend's name was called, she paid and we left. As awkward as the conversation was, there's something refreshing about someone completely willing to discuss his need for erectile dysfunction medication with a total stranger.


Jenna said...

dude, try having your dad discuss his ED solutions with you, all the time while you're cringing with your fingers in your ears, screaming, "DON'T talk about THIS with your daughter!!! la la la la la!!!!"

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