Tuesday, April 16, 2013

searching for certainty in an uncertain world

We were reminded yesterday that nothing in this life is certain.

I have long prided myself on firmly adhering to Anne Frank's famous sentiment:

Despite everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.

But today, I'm not sure. Today, I'm struggling with that concept.

I like to write here when I have a piece of wisdom to share--when I have unearthed a truth I feel deserves to be shared.

But today, I keep running into the same wall.

Nothing is certain. 

OK. So. Nothing is certain.

So I guess I have to ask then, where does that leave us? If nothing is certain, what can we do?

Here's what I can do:

I can hug the people I love a little bit longer and a little bit tighter. 

I can donate to the Red Cross.

I can listen to my own feelings, and share them with people I trust. 

And I can continue to struggle with Anne Frank's immortal words. 

Because it's one thing to give up, crawl into bed with my head under my pillow, and decide that a world in the process of coming undone at the seams is not worth my time or understanding. But it's another to keep looking for the goodness, even when the bad seems to overwhelm it.

Maybe optimism in today's world isn't about always seeing the half-full cups and the silver linings and the pots of gold, but having the sense--and the will--to at least keep looking for them.

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