Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I accidentally let my bathtub overflow tonight.

It started out innocently enough. I was growing impatient as I waited for the ginger-white peach ice cream I was making in my new ice cream maker to finish churning, so I decided to take a bubble bath to distract myself. I love bubble baths. I take them far more often that I imagine other adults do. At least a few per week. I soak with a book and return to the world a cleaner, happier and much more relaxed person.

Anyway, I started the bath and then decided to check Facebook while the tub filled. Not much doing there, so I checked my Gmail. Nothing interesting, so I logged onto Twitter for a few minutes...and then I remembered to check the tub. Honestly, I was positive that I still had a few more minutes before the bath would be high enough, but I was wrong. So very wrong. My bathroom looked like a mid-size water park. The water flowed dangerously close to the door. My bathmats were soaked and, within seconds, so were my bare feet.

I shut off the water and scurried down the hall, groping for towels to soak up the minor disaster spreading on my bathroom floor. I mopped and dried and blotted and scrubbed. I soaked my t-shirt and the ends of my hair as I carried the heavy wet towels to the laundry basket. I jogged to the laundromat with waterlogged bathmats over my shoulder in an attempt to get them into the dryer before the laundromat closed at 10 PM.

It was such a brainless, stupid thing to do, letting the tub overflow. If I had thought to check the water five minutes (hell, two minutes) earlier, I could have avoided this annoying disruption of my evening.

But I'm letting it go. After all, as Big Bird says, everyone makes mistakes.


sarah said...

Oooh Gabs everybody makes mistakes AND you have white peach ice cream! Sorry you had to deal with all of this but glad it turned out as well as it did. Could've been much worse! Hope tomorrow is less dramatic than today :)


Missile said...

Calgon gone wrong!