Sunday, September 4, 2011

things i know (this week, anyway) #5

-Working as a summer camp counselor is probably the best preparation for nearly every task involving shepherding people from Point A to Point B.

-When something seems like a bad idea from the beginning, do not be surprised when it does, in fact turn out to be a bad idea.

-It's always smart to have business cards on your person. The same goes for safety pins. You never know when either might save the day.

-It's important to try to see the good in people. Even if it's hidden, even if it's hard. The exercise of trying to find it is, in itself, valuable.

-You can't go wrong combining simple clothing and striking jewelry.

-It's not a competition. Really.

-Having a good sense of humor extends far beyond the ability to make people laugh.

-Talking to others about how to blog is a good way to remember why I myself like to do it.

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