Monday, October 17, 2011

things i know (this week, anyway) #6

- Love can change even the oldest and most stubborn of people for the better.

- Oysters are meant to be eaten cold, fresh and under a blanket of stars.

- Constantly checking your Amazon sales rank is a quick and easy way to go crazy.

- When you have a "sudden realization," it's a good idea to give yourself a couple of days to see if you still stand by said realization before you go making any major changes or decisions.

- Older does not necessarily equal wiser.

- The increasing emphasis on sluttiness at Halloween gets more and more offensive every year.

- It's important to avoid confusing Facebook affection with genuine, real-life affection. Often, they overlap, but sometimes they do not.

- Speaking up is almost always the better choice.

- It's stupid to spend $4 on a latte. Even if it is pumpkin-flavored.

- Oh, what a difference a year makes.


Eric Henao said...

Whole heartedly agree on the oysters. A damn cold local beer in a glass bottle is a benefical plus on eating the said oysters.

Richard Gould-Saltman said...

Oysters: ...or cold, fresh and in a crowded bar (Swann's in S.F.? Felix or Casamento's in NOLA?)with cold white wine or whiskey?