Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It's been a year of bigger professional success than I ever thought possible
As well as the responsibility that accompanies it
It's been a year of more late nights
spent working
And fewer spent dancing
A year of learning which relationships to let go of
And which to work to repair
A year of making enormous messes
And learning how to clean them up
It's been a year of making plans
And a year of following them
It's been a year of learning to write with my heart
And not with my still-intact fear
of judgment and shame
It's been a year of saying "no" despite guilt
And "yes" despite misgivings
It's been a year of more than one dodged bullet
It's the year I learned how to
gracefully and articulately express anger
It's been the first year I realized my identity as a writer
And the last one I worried I should have chosen something "safer."
It's been a year of cooking and baking and eating
And writing and editing and rewriting
It's been a year of putting it all out there, hoping others like what they see
But learning to be okay if they don't
It has been a year of valuing friends and family above all else
It's been a year of the good, the hard, the scary and the fun
Plus a big, whopping heap of the unexpected
It's been a full year
And I am so utterly, deeply, unbelievably
Thankful for all of it

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Anonymous said...

I am gratified that you have found something that is such a good fit for you. Enjoy yourself.