Sunday, August 14, 2011

things i know (this week, anyway) #3

- I am absurdly lucky.

- Mark Sisson knows what's up.

- The most effective way to get what you want is to ask for it directly.

- It's possible to be both diplomatic and honest at the same time.

- American cheese is still gross and there's no reason for me to ever "give it another shot" again.

- Being away from one's laptop for 24 hours is a real test of character.

- Mr. Big is an asshole and Carrie Bradshaw's neuroses are not adorable.

- A good way to use up commonly-assumed-inedible kale stems is to cook them in broth until very soft with some garlic and ginger, then puree into a light and delicious soup. Drizzle with soy sauce and fresh chilies.

- You can whip coconut milk into a thick custard and it is good.

- I make better decisions when I am getting regular cardiovascular exercise.

- Not going to Outsidelands = not having to wait in line anywhere in San Francisco all weekend. It's a nice consolation.

- Follow the love.

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