Saturday, August 20, 2011

things i know (this week, anyway) #4

- Coconut flour is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

- There are some details that I would just rather not know.

- Mad Libs with elementary school-aged boys will always involve bathroom humor.

- A good way to remember the meaning of the word "umami" is to think of the flavor that makes you go "Ooh, Mommy!" (That one came from Henry).

- There are some things only my mother can fix.

- It's important to know (and respect) the limitations of others, as well as oneself.

- A quick "hello" can go a surprisingly long way.

- We all change, inside and out, all the time.

- I shouldn't discuss politics with eighty-five-year-old Republicans.

- Pastured, European-style butter is so worth the few extra dollars.

- Making these lists is a lot easier than actually exposing myself by writing out a whole post.

1 comment:

The Passenger said...

While they all are very good points, strangely the butter I agree with the most (perhaps not arguing with 85 year old republicans too ;) )
Wish i could remember the specific butter, but it was great grabbing a loaf of freshly baked bread, some apples, cheese, and a slab of butter, and spending a day with my friends outside in the summer. Parkay just isn't memorable like that...