Wednesday, April 11, 2012

things i know (this week, anyway) #13

- Autonomy is the basis of pretty much everything.

- After the first few nights of Seders, matzo becomes a handy vehicle for excess amounts of things like butter, cream cheese and chocolate.

- Freedom is a right, but also a responsibility.

- When belief in oneself does not come naturally, fake it 'til you make it.

- Songs and smells have little in common, but both possess the uncanny ability to stop a person mid-thought, sending her reeling back to another time, place and feeling.

- The best insight can come from the most surprising of sources.

- There is a special kind of intimacy in knowing a friend so well that you can intuit where things are in her kitchen.

- Everyone needs a mantra or two.

- Sometimes it is necessary to stop what you are doing and dance, all over your apartment.

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Elisa said...

This is wonderful! I really enjoyed reading all of these truisms. You have a special wisdom!