Wednesday, May 30, 2012

things i have believed to be true

- Counting Crows is the greatest band ever.

- The song Country Roads by John Denver includes the lyric "Almost Heaven, Camp Tawonga..."

- Whenever I get a pimple, everyone notices and thinks about it.

- Thirty is really old.

- Fruit-flavored martinis are the height of sophistication.

- Politics are boring.

- I will probably be married by the time I am 25.

- There is only one real route to happiness.

- Barenaked Ladies is the greatest band ever.

- The spikes on this leather belt make me look believably edgy.

- My parents are perfect.

- Red hair looks great on me and is a wonderful way to express to my parents that I do not care what they think about my hair color.

- I'm not good enough at writing to do it professionally.

- Friendster is awesome!

- Facebook is stupid.

- New Kids on the Block is the greatest band ever.

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Jay B said...

-love is fleeting