Friday, June 7, 2013

things i know (this week, anyway) #24

- Getting what you want is, in some ways, the gravy. Sometimes it's the act of asking for it that actually means something.

- If it's really important, don't text me about it.

- The first step to getting over something is to stop punishing yourself for not being over it already.

- Amazon Author Rank: a New Thing to be Neurotic About!

- I don't care what you read; breasts will never go out of style.

- The key to a successful relationship is striking a balance between holding on to your respective selves, and holding on to each other.

- Coconut oil is the best face wash.

- We are meant to eat slowly.

- Information can be a slippery slope. Having some can make you feel safer, but knowing too much can be dangerous territory.

- I still don't get Pinterest. 


Mr. Wolk said...

I don't get pinterest, either. It's seems to be good for "steez." But I don't know what "steez" is, either.

ala.wolkenstein said...

Sometimes, but not always, we feel we just haven't done enough, only to find out we have done all we can....

prof al

ala.wolkenstein said...

As Oscar Wilde said, the two disappointments in life are not getting what you want and getting what you want