Sunday, August 28, 2011

the top 5 least effective ways to pick up a food blogger

5) Tell her you think blogs are stupid and you only read articles by "real" journalists. Then tell her her she has pretty eyes and try to buy her a drink.

4) Suggest for your first date, that she cook for you. This is like asking a dentist out and then asking him or her to take a quick peek at your molars.

3) Talk about how awesome you think the salad-and-breadsticks combo at The Olive Garden is. When you're there, you may be family, but she is not impressed.

2) Call her "the next Rachael Ray." She knows you mean this as a compliment, but can you at least choose someone who doesn't say "yum-o" on national television?

1) Order plain buttered pasta.

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jluros said...

That is similar to my love for people who come to visit sleepy little Napa and say, "people really live here?" It's not Frontierland, people. Yes, we really live here. In real houses. When you go back to your hotel room at night, there is not a fireworks show and Mickey doesn't sweep the streets. Maybe it's the same guy?